General Terms and Conditions

The present General Terms and Conditions apply to all and any work carried out by EUROTRADUC for its clients, and are an integral part of the agreement concluded by the parties hereto. Any possible derogation must be evidenced in a special written convention.

  1. Each translation order in any form whatsoever represents a firm and final order by the client and is governed by the present General Terms and Conditions.
  2. The client hereby declares having had foreknowledge of the present General Terms and Conditions at the time the agreement was concluded, and waives purchase terms and conditions that may be included on its own order forms, letters or any other document.
  3. The basic minimum price applies to a single copy of a typed translation. The tariff’s prices apply to documents left and taken back from the offices of EUROTRADUC or transmitted and dispatched by post, fax or e-mail. Special tariffs may be applied with regard to technical texts showing no figures or plans allowing for their understanding without requiring consultation of other documents or third parties.
  4. The price to be applied shall be the one in force as at the date of the order.
  5. The invoicing unit is a typed line comprising 50 characters (7.5 words) of the target language, as automatically computed by the word processor on which the relevant translation work has been carried out.
  6. In the event that an order is cancelled by the client, the work already carried out as at the date of cancellation shall be invoiced at a rate of 100% and the work still to be carried out shall be invoiced at a rate of 50%.
  7. Barring special agreement, invoices are understood as net and without discount and payable on account upon receipt, in accordance with usage in matters of the provision of services.
  8. Following a period of 30 days from the dispatch of the invoice, default interest at legal rate increased by 2% shall accrue without prior formal notice. In the event that the present General Terms and Conditions are breached, EUROTRADUC reserves the right to suspend or cancel orders still running.
  9. Delivery deadlines that may be given in quotations and order confirmations are only indicative. In the event of specific difficulties in the text to be translated giving rise to a request to the client in view of explanation, the deadline may be extended for a period equal to that of the research implied.
  10. Claims shall only be taken into consideration if they are notified by registered letter within 15 days at the latest after the work has been delivered, the date on which the work leaves the offices of EUROTRADUC being considered as the actual delivery date. Once this period shall have lapsed, the translation shall be deemed as having been duly accepted by the client. Any claim must be communicated together with the original document(s) and disputed translation(s).
  11. Any contestations relating to mere shades in meaning shall not be taken into consideration and shall not in any case justify default in payment of EUROTRADUC invoices. The work carried out by EUROTRADUC limits itself to the correct translation of the texts received for translation, without any possible reproduction of drawings, charts and tables. The latter shall be invoiced extra and subject to quotation. Any effects the translation may have on the legal or other import of the text are not taken into account.
  12. In no event may defects in part of the translation put the aggregate work into question, EUROTRADUC reserving the right to rectify a translation.
  13. The client hereby and expressly accepts that EUROTRADUC may only be held liable in case of serious fault on its part. Any damages to which the client may be entitled shall only cover foreseeable damages and shall be limited to the amount of the invoice issued by EUROTRADUC for the work in question. In no event may EUROTRADUC be held accountable for a lack of precision or a mistranslation that may result from the correct translation of legal or other terms or concepts from one language into another. The work carried out by EUROTRADUC is exclusively a translation work and EUROTRADUC may not in any event guarantee the legal, scientific or other validity of the texts to be translated and of those already translated.
    EUROTRADUC may not in any event be held liable for delays in dispatch by way of the post, by fax, via e-mail or by any other means beyond its own control.
  14. The present agreement shall be governed by Luxembourg law and any possible dispute relating thereto shall be subject to the exclusive competence of Luxembourg courts.
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